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We Have a Successful Career in the beauty industry

My name is Meesun Cho and I’ve been a nurse in the Puget Sound region since 1993. I’ve also worn a variety of other interesting hats in the medical profession: quality manager, floor nurse, area manager, and even strategic planner, with experience opening large clinics. I’m now 100% focused on patient care, which is my highest calling and passion. Prior to MC Modern Skin, I co-opened and operated Studio Skin & Sculpt in Shoreline for six years. When Studio Skin and Sculpt was closed, many clients followed me to MC Modern Skin. I think that is the best testament to my work, and I am grateful. One of the most gratifying experiences of working as an aesthetic nurse is that I get to meet wonderful people and build many good friendships with my clients. I am so honored that they share their life stories with me and trust me to take care of them! With MC Modern Skin, you will be treated with honesty and transparency before you receive any treatment. I pride myself that my clients have healthy and natural looking results!
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